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The College's aim is to provide a safe, supportive and friendly learning environment for over 1400 students in year 11 and 12. Launceston College offers a comprehensive program of all eight learning areas and in vocational education and training. We pride ourselves on providing the academic, vocational, cultural and social environment that fosters high level outcomes.  Our students consistently achieve outstanding outcomes in TCE/ATAR results, TCE Certificate performances and VET training.

Having over 120 subjects to choose from and with over 120 college staff, we have the economy of scale to be able to provide a broad curriculum to support the learning goals of our students.

Students have the opportunity to become culturally involved in our college productions, (which are sell-outs every year), Dance Fever Extravaganza and College Symphonic Band (Tasmanian, Victorian and N.S.W Champions), to name a few.

We provide a Tutorial Program that is important support for our students to achieve positive educational outcomes. It is clear that students who do access the tutorials improve their performance especially in Level 3 subjects. Staff are also available in their non-teaching lines and at other times through negotiation with the student.

The large campus stretches over two blocks and incorporates a state of the art gymnasium complex including a swimming pool. Other College facilities include a training restaurant and automotive workshop.

The College is set amidst an Educational and Cultural precinct which includes the Museum, Polytechnic and a range of government and other services. It's located only 400m away from the famous Cataract Gorge & Boardwalk and faces the Tamar River and Royal Park. Restaurants and shops are only a few minute’s walk. The College is located close to the centre of the city making it very convenient for accommodation, transport and other services.

Launceston College has evolved from its humble beginnings as Launceston State High School began in 1913.  For the first three years was housed at the Charles Street School, Milton Hall and St John’s Church Hall until the new buildings were opened at the current site in Paterson Street in 1916. In 1967 it changed to being Launceston Matriculation College, catering just for years 11 and 12. In 1980 it became the Paterson Street campus of Launceston Community College (an amalgam of years 11 and 12, TAFE and Adult Education) and in 1987 it became a separate institution again, ‘Launceston College’, catering for just years 11 and 12.


The original buildings still basically exist and new blocks have been built around them. The College now caters for Tasmanian Certificate of Education subjects, vocational subjects (Certificate 1 and 2) and flexible learning. Over the years the College has produced eleven Rhodes scholars and many well-known people have studied here, for instance one of our Rhodes scholars, Dr Neal Blewett a Federal Minister until 1993, and Ray Martin the television presenter. By the way, David Ritchie, a student in the 70's was appointed the Ambassador to France last March.

Launceston is situated in the north of Tasmania and is Australia's third oldest city. Known for its lovely gardens and historic architecture, it is nestled between three rivers and situated at the source of the Tamar River. Launceston has many restaurants and good shopping. Live theatre, cinema and a broad range of cultural and sporting activities are available.

Within an hour's drive it is very easy to access the natural beauty of mountains and beaches.


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