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2D Momentum Conservation Transformer Photonic Devices
Elastic Collisions Waves Line Spectra
More on Newton's Laws Refraction Hydrogen Atom
Apparent Weight, weightlessness Standing Waves Light - waves vs particles
Cornering,circles Musical Instruments de Broglie - particles as waves
Gravity Beats de Broglie & hydrogen, Quantum theory
Fields 2D Standing Wave Patterns The Nucleus - Strong nuclear force
Electrostatics Electromagnetic Radiation Mass and energy
Magnetism Polarization Alpha emissions
Magnetic Fields Diffraction Beta emissions
Particles in B Fields Blackbody Radiation Quark model
Induction Photo-Electric Effect Activity
AC generator X-rays Exponential decay
Lenz's Law Compton Effect Relativity & Special Relativity

Introduction to physics

Introduction to chemistry

Additional maths for physics

Video Tutes

CD version Physics/Chem in Tasmania Ag Sci

Some Science Links

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